Case Study

Optimising Space and
Resources for a Leading
Health Club Chain

The Challenge

How do you track and optimise customer experiences at a high demand gym?

Industry: Health Club, Lifestyle, Offices

Product: Gaia Health

Measurable Results


Accuracy across 56 types of machines

480 machines

Data captured from clubs across HK and China


Machine, space and staff allocation


Accuracy across 56 types of machines

480 machines

Data captured from clubs across HK and China


Machine, space and staff allocation

The Project

This health club enjoys a stellar reputation and an established presence across Hong Kong, Singapore and China. The challenge was to track and optimise the premises for individual gym-goers. How do you minimise overcrowding? How do you assign staff? How do you prioritise servicing high-use equipment? And looking deeper, how do you leverage this data to identify the most preferred machines, and drive behavioural changes like attendance frequency, and more?


Gym members don't want to wait between sets, and deploying technology to optimise both space and equipment makes a world of difference when it comes to clients coming back daily versus skipping workouts altogether.

What We Did

Sensors and analytics to drive efficiency

We deployed bluetooth accelerometer sensors on equipment, paired with bluetooth gateways and an account on Gaia's cloud-based platform offering real time analytics. The staff and management now had access to valuable information: from tracking which equipment was underused vs overused to which machines needed servicing, which hours were the busiest and how to best allocate staff on weekdays vs weekends.

  • 90 Bluetooth accelerometer sensors
  • 5 Bluetooth Gateways
  • Overall and segmented machine and space utilisation
  • 98% accuracy for 56 types of machines
  • Captured data from over 480 machines at clubs across HK and China
  • Real-time analytics on cloud-based account


With insights on usage, identifying pain points and opportunities

Machine usage

Cardio usage



Utilization rate

Time usage

The Impact

Streamline operations and explore new untapped customer opportunities

Identifying daily and weekly variations and trends in usage helped address a common challenge gyms face: overcrowding ad space optimisation, especially during peak hours. By measuring equipment availability at various points in time, Gaia helped identify gaps and minimise points of friction in the gym experience. The data was also able to group anonymous gym-goers based on their usage habits to offer tailored recommendations in the future.

  • Operation management improvement
  • Better space utilisation and machine mix deployment
  • Behavioural insights for targeted offers and personalisation
  • Increased ROI

"What we like about Neoma's service is its efficiency. Their work in Asia, that is a great advantage as we have many facilities around the region. They are very professional with a strong supporting team for service. Highly recommended!"

- Kathryn Yeung, Regional Fitness Facility Manager, PURE Group