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Founded in 2014, Neoma is a cloud-based platform (Amazon Web Services) offering the services of Gaia, Asia’s leading AI assistant for hotel staff. In our customer-first world, guests should feel at home during their hotel stay. But the gap between their expectations and staff capacity is getting bigger every day. Far from replacing people by robots, we give back staff spontaneity and human touch through our technology.

Prior to Gaia, Neoma developed a large range of location-based services and real-time asset tracking systems (BLE, NFC, RFID and LoRa). We gained expertise by helping top real-estate groups better engage with their customers, improve their space management and increase their operational efficiency.

Technology must be simple to use and achieve concrete results. Our AI-powered system creates business recommendations and actions based on data, patterns and requirements.


Industry Experts

Industry Experts


Neoma management, team and advisors have a strong experience in various sectors, such as hospitality, connected devices, cybersecurity, data management and consulting. In particular, our strategic directors gathered 40+ years of experience in managing family-owned businesses and working in top international luxury hotels.

Thanks to the combination of developing and analytical skills of our people, our system is ideal for hotels eager to serve the 21st century guests with reasonable budgets but high achievement expectancies.

With offices located in Hong Kong, India and France and through our network of 60+ partners and resellers worldwide, we cover 20 countries mostly in Asia, Europe and North America.