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Streamline workflows, enhance guest experiences, and ensure security with our comprehensive Gaia solutions.

Empowering Staff for Unforgettable Guest Experiences

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Maximise staff efficiency with automated workflows for seamless operations and exceptional guest service.

Ability for your staff to access important information easily such us seating/level of VIP/allergies and issues raised – Minimise manual and repetitive search

Ticketing, CRM

Find and check-in/confirm guests easily

Detect guests nearby automatically and deliver frictionless experiences

Coordinate arrivals and departures by automating the process & communication

Monitor KPI’s and analyse key metrics within your sporting event spaces (VIP lounges, hospitality areas)

Automated Staff Workflows

Automated Staff Workflows
Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Efficiency

Gaia optimises operations and maximises staff efficiency for seamless operations. Our system automates routine tasks, such as task assignments, notifications, and follow-ups, ensuring smooth processes and reducing manual effort. By streamlining workflows, Gaia empowers your staff to focus on delivering exceptional guest service, resulting in improved operational efficiency and enhanced guest experiences.

Flexible Workstations and Resource Allocation

Gaia enables effective task prioritisation and assignment, intelligently assessing task urgency, staff availability, and skill sets to assign tasks to the most suitable team members. By ensuring that tasks are distributed efficiently, Gaia helps your staff manage their workload effectively, optimise their time, and provide prompt and personalised service to guests.

Empowering Productivity with Insights

Gaia provides real-time task tracking and reporting capabilities. By having visibility into task status, managers can better allocate resources, identify bottlenecks, and ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner. With Gaia, you can achieve transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement in your staff workflows.

Data Access

Data Access
Centralised and Easy-to-Access Information

Gaia provides a centralised platform for your staff to access important information easily. Our platform consolidates data, such as seating arrangements, VIP status, allergies, and guest issues, into a single, user-friendly interface. By eliminating the need for manual and repetitive searches, Gaia empowers your staff to quickly retrieve and utilise critical information, enhancing operational efficiency and delivering personalised guest experiences.

Enhanced Guest Service and Personalisation

Gaia enables enhanced guest service and personalisation through easy access to relevant information. Our system equips your staff with instant access to guest preferences, special requests, and past interactions. By having comprehensive guest profiles readily available, your staff can provide personalised recommendations, anticipate guest needs, and create memorable experiences that exceed expectations.

Efficient Issue Resolution and Proactive Management

Gaia facilitates efficient issue resolution and proactive management. By having quick access to data, your staff can respond in a timely manner, address concerns effectively, and take appropriate actions to ensure guest satisfaction. Gaia's data access capabilities help streamline issue resolution processes, minimise guest disruptions, and foster positive guest relationships.

Unified Guest Profiles

Unified Guest Profiles
Comprehensive Guest Data Consolidation

Gaia consolidates guest data from various sources, such as ticketing systems and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Our system collects and integrates data points, including guest preferences, purchase history, contact information, and interactions. By creating comprehensive guest profiles, Gaia enables a holistic view of each guest, empowering your staff to deliver personalised experiences and build stronger guest relationships.

360-Degree Guest Insights and Personalisation

Gaia provides 360-degree insights into guest behavior, preferences, and interactions. Your staff can personalise interactions, tailor offers, and anticipate guest expectations. Gaia's unified guest profiles enable you to create memorable experiences and foster guest loyalty through personalised services.

Seamless Guest Journey and Continuity

Gaia ensures a seamless guest journey and continuity across touchpoints. Our system synchronises guest data in real time, enabling staff to access up-to-date information. By providing a consistent and personalised experience at every stage, Gaia enhances guest satisfaction, eliminates the need for redundant data collection, and enables smooth transitions between different service areas or departments.

Reporting of Services

Reporting of Services
Efficient Guest Check-In and Confirmation

Gaia enables efficient guest check-in and confirmation processes. Our system facilitates the seamless collection of guest information, including arrivals, departures, and service requests. By automating these processes, Gaia streamlines operations, minimises wait times, and provides a smooth and hassle-free check-in experience for guests. Staff can easily access and update guest status, ensuring accurate reporting and efficient service delivery.

Real-Time Reporting and Insights

Gaia provides real-time reporting and insights into guest services. By having access to these insights, management can make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimise resource allocation. Gaia enables you to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your services, enhancing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Streamlined Guest Communication and Collaboration

Gaia streamlines guest communication and collaboration among staff members. Our system facilitates the sharing of guest-related information, updates, and service requests in real time. By centralising and standardising communication, Gaia improves coordination, reduces errors, and enhances the overall guest experience. Staff can collaborate seamlessly, ensuring that all guest needs and requests are promptly addressed and reported.

Guest Recognition

Guest Recognition
Automatic Guest Detection and Identification

Gaia leverages technologies to automatically detect and identify guests nearby. Our system utilises techniques to recognise guests as they enter your premises. By seamlessly identifying guests, Gaia enables personalised interactions, eliminates the need for manual identification, and sets the stage for frictionless experiences.

Personalised and Contextualised Experiences

Gaia's guest recognition enables personalised experiences for identified guests. Our system retrieves guest preferences and other relevant data to tailor offerings and services in real time. By leveraging this information, your staff can provide customised recommendations, anticipate guest needs, and create memorable experiences that resonate with each individual.

Frictionless Engagement and Seamless Transactions

Gaia's guest recognition solution facilitates frictionless engagement and seamless transactions for identified guests. By eliminating the need for manual verification or repetitive information gathering, Gaia enhances efficiency, reduces wait times, and creates a seamless and convenient guest experience. Guests can enjoy hassle-free interactions, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Arrivals / Departures Coordination

Arrivals / Departures Coordination
Automated Arrivals and Departures Tracking

Gaia automates the process of guest arrivals and departures. By eliminating manual tracking and communication, Gaia ensures accurate and real-time information on guest arrivals and departures, enabling efficient coordination and timely service delivery.

Real-Time Communication and Alerts

Gaia facilitates real-time communication and alerts for staff members. Our system sends notifications and updates to relevant staff members as guests arrive or depart. By providing instant communication, Gaia enables staff to be well-prepared, anticipate guest needs, and deliver seamless experiences. Real-time alerts and communication streamline operations and ensure effective coordination among team members.

Efficient Logistics and Resource Allocation

Gaia's arrivals/departures coordination solution optimises logistics and resource allocation for guest arrivals and departures. By automating these processes and providing staff with clear instructions and priorities, Gaia ensures smooth operations, minimises delays, and enhances guest satisfaction during arrivals and departures.

Guest Attendance

Guest Attendance
Real-Time Monitoring of Guest Attendance

Gaia enables real-time monitoring of guest attendance within your sporting event spaces, including VIP lounges and hospitality areas. By having real-time visibility into guest attendance, Gaia empowers event organisers to make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for guests.

Key Metrics Analysis and Reporting

Gaia enables the analysis of key metrics related to sporting event spaces, helping event organisers understand guest behavior, optimise space utilisation, and identify opportunities for improvement. Data-driven decision-making enhances the overall event experience and drives operational efficiency.

Enhanced Guest Experience and Personalisation

Gaia facilitates enhanced guest experiences and personalisation within sporting event spaces, enabling event organisers to deliver customised offerings and create memorable experiences. Personalisation enhances guest satisfaction, fosters loyalty, and drives revenue generation.


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