Integrated data and IoT system for efficient physical environments.

Data and IoT Integration in Better Spaces

Connect and integrate systems, cameras and IoT sensors into a unified system through Gaia Connectors

The Challenge

Inefficient synchronization between operational workflows and the real-time environment due to a lack of integration between systems and IoT devices.

Interconnected network nodes and data flow symbolizing complex integration.
Complex Integration Processes
Padlock symbol with caution signs representing security and privacy concerns.
Security and Privacy Concerns

Our Data and IoT Integration Solution

Enhance operational workflows by integrating data sources and IoT devices, enabling efficient synchronization with the real-time environment for improved decision-making and operational effectiveness.

Systems, cameras, and IoT sensors seamlessly integrated through Gaia Connectors for enhanced workflows.

Unified System Integration

Utilise Gaia Connectors to connect and integrate various systems, cameras, and IoT sensors into a unified system. This integration enables seamless data flow and synchronisation, allowing organisations to access real-time data from multiple sources and make informed decisions, enhancing operational workflows and improving overall operational effectiveness.

Real-time monitoring and control of space-related parameters through data and IoT integration.

Real-time Environment Synchronisation

By integrating data sources and IoT devices, organisations can achieve efficient synchronisation between operational workflows and the real-time environment. This synchronisation enables real-time monitoring, analysis, and control of space-related parameters, empowering organisations to respond promptly, optimise resource allocation, and improve their daily operations.


Leading Representative

“The way our operations were working was not sustainable”

Guest operations cannot really manage guests and properly track the services they provide. Gaia gave them the ability to have a better identification of the guests, and to anticipate and understand what each guest is supposed to be doing. They want to get rid of Whatsapp messages, as they receive thousands of messages in groups that are impossible to follow. What they wanted to achieve is service excellence with full awareness, and Gaia gives them that.

Leading Representative, International Sports Organisation
Matthew Lawson

“Game-changing guest experience”

Neoma demonstrated a genuine commitment to understand the nuances of luxury hospitality and to work with us to improve the overall guest experience. Neoma’s speed of development was very impressive and we continue to work closely with the team.

Matthew Lawson, Executive Director, The Peninsula Hotels Group
Chelsea Perino

“Data and AI for the best experience”

As we try to wrap our heads around what the future of work is going to look like, it's important that we rely on more than just our guts, and data and AI is going to play an ever more important role in helping us create the best and most personalised work experience for everyone.

Chelsea Perino, Managing Director, Global Marketing & Communications at The Executive Centre
Kathryn Yeung

“Truly the best and most reliable”

What we like about Neoma's service is its efficiency. Their work in Asia, that is a great advantage as we have many facilities in that region. They are very professional with a strong supporting team for service.

Kathryn Yeung, Regional Fitness Facility Manager, PURE Group
Michael Economakis

“They passed every single KPI”

We are pleased with the modularity and functionality of the platform as well as the excellent support from their professional team. They passed every single KPI that we and our customers set and they delivered.

Michael Economakis, CEO, SCCA Advisory

At a glance

3Bn Sqf Field Tested
$120M Saved yearly through
automated workflows
50K Touchpoints connected
140 Locations covered