Case Study

A Touch-Free, Frictionless Journey for the Future of Air Travel

The Challenge

What would you like in an airport of the future? And how do you design a frictionless journey for travellers and staff?

Industry: Airports

Product: SafeGo

Facial Recognition
Welcome hosts machine

The Project

COVID-19 has meant that airlines have accelerated towards digital, touch-free experiences. In collaboration with our partner Yates+, we created SafeGo - a state-of-the-art travel solution that provides frictionless and personalised service for 21st century guests. SafeGo leverages over 20 high-end technologies, spanning Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), facial recognition, location intelligence and cloud-based services to create a guest experience that's entirely contact-free.


Split second recognition and bio matching ensure a safe passage and a warm, informed reception for guests at each connecting point, even in a large and complex environment.

What We Did

An environment for contactless self-service

SafeGo is a seamless hassle-free experience without face to face human contact from airport curb to aircraft door.

  1. SafeGo Guest App
  2. SafeGo AI Assistant Staff App
  3. SafeGo Host
  4. Cloud-based Platform

The Guest App delivers a complete hassle free and contactless journey throughout the airport. The only manual input from guests is online check-in, everything else is automatically collected. If a guest shows signs of illness, the App traces historical contacts with other guests to match with health authorities' guidelines.

SafeGo Hosts (non-human) are located at each connecting point- entry door, bag drop, gate, boarding access and serve as express gateways for guests to reach the gate in no time. They detect nearby guests who need help and engage with them personally to ensure their comfort.

Personalised feed
Personalised feed
Facial recognition
Facial recognition
Boarding pass
Boarding pass
Health QR code
Health QR code

The Impact

Lower operational costs, minimise check-in counters and staffing

For airlines

  • Lower operational costs
  • Minimise contact positions
  • Zero check-in counters utilised

For staff

  • Operational ease and efficiency
  • Review departures and bookings
  • Plan rosters, find late to board guests
  • Schedule optimum team locations
  • Change guest travel arrangements

For guests

  • Touch-free journeys
  • Safety and comfort via guest app and hosts
  • Car park and lounge services
  • VIP protocols with curb side bag dispatch and more

With the SafeGo Staff App, airline staff are able to handle large traffic flows with ease, while offering a VIP experience to every single guest.

The app performance is based on real-time traffic analysis and machine learning models such as path and state predictions.

Personalised feed
Personalised feed
Guest monitoring
Guest monitoring
Guest alerts
Guest alerts
Duties assistance
Duties assistance