Case Study

Analysing and Predicting
Office Attendance
to Gain Transparency

The Challenge

How to analyse office attendance to understand occupancy and predict patterns for the future?

Industry: Offices, Co-working spaces

Product: Gaia Office

Measurable Results


Accuracy in real-time traffic counting

2 x entrances

Covered by an AI unit analysing camera feeds

450 employees

Analysed over the period of 6 months


Accuracy in real-time traffic counting

2 x entrances

Covered by an AI unit analysing camera feeds

450 employees

Analysed over the period of 6 months

The Project

Data is key to achieving success. And while many players understand the importance of data, few are able to gather and harness it effectively. How do you accurately predict fluctuations in office attendance ? And how do you gain insights from the massive amounts of data gathered?

Our client was looking for accurate data to help them make informed decisions to optimize their space, allocate resources and gain transparency.


Data makes a difference. By analysing attendance with AI, offices can optimize resources, implement efficient workforce mobility programs and design truly flexible workplaces.

What We Did

Existing office cameras and AI-powered units for tangible insights on real-time attendance

We deployed two Gaia AI units on existing cameras to capture the camera feeds and gather anonymous, simple people counting data. This data was sent to Gaia's cloud-based platform that was trained to provide real-time traffic analysis. The platform is also able to predict patterns based on observed behaviour.

Camera on which Gaia AI is deployed Gaia AI unit


AI unit

  • 2 Gaia AI units for existing camera feeds, computing behavioural data locally inreal-time and reporting to Gaia platform
  • Account on cloud-based platform
  • Real-time traffic counting
  • Business insights report
Weekly fluctuations of office attendance
Comparison of predictive and real hourly office attendance

The Impact

Bringing clarity to decision-making and predicting patterns for the future

By accurately measuring daily, weekly and monthly attendance, businesses have the ability to create a productive workplace that encourages communication and increases employees' wellbeing, while providing flexibility and improving ROI on office spaces.

Analytics give operators the ability to right-size office spaces, forecast future demands and measure the success of designed workplaces. Our Office Attendance service allows managers to monitor occupancy for safety measures, anticipate growth/contraction, plan on-demand cleaning and maintenance, implement energy saving, and more.

AI-assisted workplace management has the potential to completely transform the traditional office experience through data-driven optimization, automation and enhanced efficiency.

  • 96% accuracy in real-time office attendance
  • Reduced total office space size by 30% while creating a more productive working environment
  • Implemented hot desking system and flexible working program eliminating over 40% of assigned desks
  • Significantly reduced rental cost
  • Gained full transparency on daily attendance and leveraged the insights to improve corporate mobility program
  • Implemented more effective cleaning procedures based on real-time occupancy levels and improved employee's safety and wellbeing

Overview of Attendance Insights:

Overview of Gaia occupancy survey insights

Data used in this case study has been changed for the confidentiality purpose